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Dissolving fillers is a procedure sought by individuals for various reasons, whether for cosmetic adjustments or safety concerns.


Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers can be effectively dissolved using hyaluronidase injections. These injections contain an enzyme capable of breaking down the filler material. Among the most common applications for filler dissolution is the removal of lip filler.


There are numerous compelling reasons why individuals may opt for filler dissolution. Unfortunately, there are instances where individuals have received excessive filler treatments, leading to an artificial or unnatural appearance. High-profile figures like Molly Mae have publicly acknowledged their decisions to dissolve overdone fillers, prompting a growing awareness that an exaggerated look may not be as appealing as initially thought. Consequently, many people are seeking a solution to reverse these effects.


Fortunately, all hyaluronic acid-based fillers, commonly used in cosmetic procedures, are reversible. Consequently, we frequently encounter patients who have previously undergone treatments elsewhere and are now seeking filler dissolution. It’s important to acknowledge that the administration of fillers is not an exact science. There may be situations where the filler has migrated unexpectedly within the facial tissues. Several factors can contribute to this, including the injection technique, the specific type of filler used or variations in the patient’s anatomy and skin type.


While such occurrences are relatively rare, it is worth noting that filler material can inadvertently enter a blood vessel, potentially obstructing blood flow to the skin. This can lead to a condition known as vascular occlusion, which, if left untreated, can result in skin necrosis. However, it’s reassuring to know that this complication can often be effectively managed through filler dissolution. It is crucial to emphasise that, in the rare event of such a complication, it typically occurs within a clinical setting where emergency protocols are firmly in place. These protocols ensure that patients receive prompt and safe medical attention, helping to mitigate any potential risks associated with the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dissolving filler, such as lip filler dissolving usually takes only one session, but a follow-up may be necessary.

The appointment lasts around 30 minutes. 

The final results will be visible after 2 weeks. 

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