Jawline filler

Jawline filler helps both men and women define and contour their jawlines. Some people want more definition to their profile, while others want to further feminise or masculinise their facial features.


Non-surgical jawline contouring provides excellent results without invasive surgery.


Jaw fillers can benefit both younger and older patients.

They’re best suited for:

  • Younger men and women who feel their face lacks shape and definition. Fillers can add structure and definition for a sculpted appearance.

  • Older men and women whose skin has lost elasticity and started to sag. Over time, the jawline beings to look soft and loses its definition.


Jowls are excess tissue that sags below the jawline. As we age, our soft tissue wastes and bone reabsorbs, causing a pre-jowl sulcus (indentation along the jawline near the chin).


In turn, this makes the jowls more noticeable, making some people feel less confident about their appearance.


We can use this treatment to help mask this and give the face a more streamlined shape.


We start with a personalised consultation where I listen to your concerns. Next, I inject filler with both a needle and cannula (a long, blunt-tipped needle) at multiple sites along the jawline.

We measure in 1ml jawline filler increments – I usually inject 3–4 ml for women and 5-6 ml for men.


It is a relatively pain-free procedure, and patients often comment more on the pressure rather than reporting discomfort.


The results are instant and there is minimal downtime post-procedure. Many of my patients also consider non surgical rhinoplasty, which uses a similar technique.

Man with cheek filler, jawline filler and chin filler
Woman with jawline filler and chin filler


Most patients need only one session, but small top-ups are possible if you are not satisfied with the results.

Most filler appointments last between 30 – 45 minutes, and patients typically head back to their regular lives immediately.  

You may see some bruising or experience minor swelling for a few days to a week after your procedure. However, most people go back to their daily lives immediately. You should avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours after the treatment.

Over time, your body will naturally break down the fillers and absorb them. Most fillers last 12 months or more.

There are many different kinds of fillers available on the market. However, I prefer using fillers made from a hyaluronic acid gel at my aesthetic clinic. Not only are these fillers effective, safe, and natural, but they help your body produce more collagen over time.

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  • Jawline Filler 2ml £500 | 3ml £700 | 4ml £800| 5ml £900 | 6ml £1000


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