Anti Wrinkle Injections

At our facial aesthetics clinic, anti-wrinkle injections with Botulinum toxin take centre stage as one of the most frequently performed treatments. Why, you might ask? Because these wrinkle-smoothing injections are renowned for their remarkable ability to address a wide range of concerns, with a primary focus on erasing the telltale signs of ageing.


Wrinkle Reduction: It is celebrated for its power to soften and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Patients love the smoother, more youthful look they achieve, as it helps them turn back the clock on ageing.


Preventative Magic: It’s not just about erasing the past; it also plays a vital preventive role by hindering the development of new wrinkles over time. This means you can maintain your youthful appearance for longer.


Quick and Painless: The best part? The treatment is fast and relatively painless. You can achieve remarkable anti-wrinkle results without disrupting your daily routine.

How does it work?

Botulinum toxin (often sold under the name brand Botox) works by blocking the electrical impulses that cause your facial muscles to contract.


This reduces the ability of the muscles to move, and so the overlying skin softens. This will reduce wrinkles and give your face a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance.


The procedure is straightforward, quick and relatively pain-free.



These vertical lines appear between your eyebrows – they’re sometimes referred to as ’11s’ lines.


Prominent lines in this area can often make you look tired and/or angry. Frown line injections can make you look more relaxed and youthful.



Horizontal forehead lines or ‘surprise lines’ become more obvious as you age.


Excessive lines and furrows in this area can make you look older beyond your years, but forehead line injections soften and smooth your appearance.


Crow’s feet

Softening the harsh lines and deep wrinkles around your eyes can make you look more youthful and relaxed.


Some people pair their Crow’s feet treatment with under eye filler for an even fresher look.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, just 1 session is needed to give the desired outcome, but a repeat session may be needed after 2 weeks. This repeat session is included in the price.

The appointment, including a consultation, will take around 15 minutes – many people come in on their lunch break. You may see some small marks or bumps at first, but these will go away within a few hours.

It takes 2-5 days for the treatment to take effect, with peak onset being at 2 weeks. The treatment typically lasts for 3 months, which varies depending on lifestyle factors (e.g. those who exercise daily will find the treatment duration is shorter).

Your appointment will begin with a consultation to ensure that the treatment is suitable for your needs. Providing you wish to go ahead, your doctor will take pre-treatment photography to assess how you respond to the injections and dose. Next, the doctor will administer a very fine needle to the treatment area to inject the product.

After your treatment, we recommend that you do not apply any make-up for 4 hours. Avoid heavy exercise and alcohol for 24 hours. After 2 weeks, assess the results. If you would like a more dramatic result, you can request a dose adjustment.

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Each of the areas described count as one area. For best results a combination of areas (e.g. frown and forehead) is advised for best results.

  • 1 Area £250-300
  • 2 Areas £300-350
  • 3 Areas £350-400


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