Tear trough filler

Tear troughs are deep creases or hollowing that appear under your lower lid and above your cheeks. These troughs cast shadows beneath your eyes and can cause a tired or haggard appearance. Thankfully, tear trough filler can repair this problem and make you look more youthful and refreshed.


Deep tear troughs can be the result of genetics and are also common in people who don’t have much fat in their face due to exercise or the ageing process.


That’s why tear trough treatment is so popular. It is a safe, minimally invasive, and effective way to smooth and plump the delicate under-eye area. With the right treatment, fillers reduce the prominence of the tear trough area.

As an aesthetic doctor, I tell my clients that this is one of the best ways to make them look instantly younger, brighter, and rejuvenated.


This quick and simple treatment can help with many concerns, including:


  • Hollowed eyes
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dark shadows
  • Looking tired and old beyond your years

While it can’t change the colour beneath your eyes, it does make you look brighter and more youthful. However, it will not change the underlying pigmentation.


During your treatment, the doctor will insert dermal filler beneath your eyes using a long, thin needle called a cannula. This distributes the product evenly and gives you the best results.


The filler also contains hyaluronic acid to encourage hydration in the area and provide extra volume. The results are a plumper, smoother under eye area that makes you look younger and more vibrant.

Woman with tear trough filler


You will start seeing the results instantly, but you may also have some mild swelling. This is usually less prominent than the swelling after lip enhancement injections, and many people don’t experience it at all. Your final results will usually be visible within one to two days.

Most of the time, under eye filler usually lasts around 9-12 months. It’s common for patients to have this procedure once per year to maintain their results and look their best.

At JB Aesthetics, safety is my number one priority. I would never perform a procedure if it wasn’t safe, and dermal fillers around the eyes are no exception. This is an extremely safe procedure when undertaken by a trained professional.

In some rare cases, people don’t like the way they look with fillers. That’s why I only use dissolvable fillers. In the unlikely event you would like the procedure reversed, I can dissolve the product with a specialised solution.

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