Profhilo currently stands as one of the most sought-after injectable skin treatments in today’s market. What sets it apart is its distinct identity, straddling the line between traditional fillers and skin boosters. Profhilo boasts an exceptional formulation, featuring the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid crafted in a truly unique manner.


At its core, Profhilo functions as a biostimulator, a property that makes it stand out from the crowd. This means that its primary purpose is to kickstart your body’s natural collagen production. In doing so, it provides several remarkable benefits for your skin.


First and foremost, Profhilo excels in deeply hydrating the skin, ensuring a well-nourished and radiant complexion. It goes further by enhancing skin firmness, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, and reducing pore size.


Moreover, Profhilo takes on the role of an anti-aging ally, effectively slowing down the aging process. This treatment offers a subtle yet noticeable lift to the facial contours, providing a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. And perhaps the most striking result is the undeniable glow it imparts to your face, leaving you looking and feeling absolutely radiant.


In essence, Profhilo’s unique blend of hyaluronic acid and biostimulation offers a multi-faceted approach to skin rejuvenation, making it a top choice for those seeking comprehensive and natural-looking enhancements.


The Profhilo treatment involves injections administered at five strategic facial points, utilising the innovative BAP (Bio-Aesthetic Points) technique. This specialised approach was meticulously crafted for Profhilo, and its development involved the use of CT scans to precisely map out how the product would disperse within the facial tissue.


Upon injection, the Profhilo effectively kickstarts the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, facilitating a rejuvenating and firming effect. Additionally, it has a unique property of drawing in moisture, thereby providing comprehensive hydration that penetrates the skin from within.

What Results Can I Expect from a Profhilo Facial Treatment?

Following treatment with Profhilo, you will notice a notable enhancement in the quality of your skin, characterised by increased elasticity and firmness. Patients often describe their skin as appearing more dewy, resilient and smoother.


To maximize the benefits, I typically advise a two-part treatment regimen spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Subsequently, a maintenance schedule of two treatments per year is recommended. During your personalised skincare consultation, we can also explore additional complementary products and treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients start with 2 sessions, 1 month apart, and then every 6 months for maintenance.

A Profhilo appointment is approximately 15 minutes.

While you may see an improvement immediately after the first treatment, the best results are visible around 4 weeks after the second treatment. After 8 weeks, your skin will also appear more hydrated, healthier, and more youthful.

Your skin should be firmer, bouncier, and dewier for up to 6 months.

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Profhilo delivers quick and long-lasting results for skin laxity, boosting and hydrating the skin as well as remodelling ageing and sagging tissue.

  • Profhilo £300-350


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