Lip filler, a sought-after cosmetic procedure, is renowned for its transformative abilities in enhancing the lips. By increasing size and volume, addressing mild asymmetries and refining lip texture, lip filler treatments offer a comprehensive approach to achieving a more appealing and balanced lip appearance.


The allure of lip filler is undeniable, making it one of the most popular facial enhancements sought by individuals looking to refine their features. However, its popularity is accompanied by a degree of controversy, often stemming from poorly executed treatments that result in unnatural or exaggerated outcomes.


One of the primary concerns individuals have when considering lip filler is whether their lips will appear artificial or disproportionate. At JB Aesthetics, we specialise in the art of achieving natural-looking results. Our approach to lip fillers is guided by the principle that enhancing your lips should enhance your unique beauty rather than mask it with a fake looking appearance.


This highly sought-after treatment offers a rejuvenating solution to combat the volume and definition loss that often accompanies the natural ageing process. Moreover, it serves as an effective remedy for symmetry concerns, ensuring a harmonious balance between the upper and lower lips. The ultimate result is a refined and more youthful appearance that leaves our patients feeling rejuvenated.


The versatility of fillers extends to a variety of benefits, including:


  1. Enhanced Lip Size: Fillers can artfully augment lip size, creating a fuller, more alluring pout that enhances one’s facial features.

  2. Correction of Asymmetry: Addressing asymmetry issues is another forte of fillers, ensuring that both upper and lower lips are impeccably balanced, enhancing facial harmony.

  3. Improved and Defined Lip Shape: These treatments offer the opportunity to sculpt and define the natural shape of the lips, accentuating their beauty.

  4. Hydration Boost: Beyond aesthetics, fillers provide a much-needed hydration boost to the lips, leaving them looking plump, supple, and revitalised.

  5. Reduced Appearance of Lines: Fillers can effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted smoker’s lines and lipstick lines, promoting a smoother and more youthful lip contour.


By harnessing the capabilities of fillers, we can help you achieve the lip enhancement goals you desire, whether it’s adding volume, improving symmetry, defining shape, or enhancing hydration. The result? A refreshed and more confident version of yourself, ready to face the world with a new smile.

Woman with lip filler


You’ll probably find the process a little uncomfortable, but don’t worry – a topical local anaesthetic is applied to reduce the pain. The dermal filler also contains a built-in anaesthetic, so most people don’t find it hurts too badly.

Most people see some results immediately, but the final results won’t be visible for a few weeks after the product has settled and swelling has gone down completely.

Results last 8-12 months.

Most people experience a small amount of swelling or bruising, but these problems are temporary and subside quickly. However, it’s always important that you only trust the services of an experienced professional.


  • Lips £400-450


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