We all want plump, full lips, but not all of us are blessed with this attractive feature. That’s why lip filler is such a popular treatment – it gives you the gorgeously defined lips you’ve always wanted.


Everyone has their own unique lip anatomy, with their own definition, size, shape, and symmetry. This can change as you get older, and you might experience a loss of fullness in your lips. Suddenly your lips disappear when you smile, or your lipstick bleeds into tiny cracks around your mouth.

Lip injections give you back that fullness, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and help you look your best. As with every aesthetic treatment I perform, I believe in performing lip enhancement that is noticeable but still natural, always respecting the patient’s natural lip shape and anatomy.

The results speak for themselves – you’ll have luscious, natural lips.


This popular treatment can replace the volume and definition that the ageing process has taken away. Additionally, it can be correct symmetry issues to ensure the top and bottom lips are well balanced. Overall, it gives my clients a more polished and youthful appearance.


Fillers can do the following:

  • Enhance your lip size
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Improve and define your lip shape
  • Add a boost of hydration
  • Reduce the appearance of smoker’s lines and lipstick lines


My patients who want to look more youthful often pair lip treatment with tear trough treatment.

Woman with lip filler


When you arrive for a lip filler London treatment, you’ll first have a consultation with the doctor. We’ll assess your lip shape and discuss your preferred results.

Next, the doctor will apply an anaesthetic cream to your lips, and the dermal fillers are injected in a precise and detailed way. This gives you the exact shape and definition you desire.

You’ll see some results instantly, but then it takes around two more weeks to see the final results. This is mainly due to swelling after the treatment, and it also takes some time for the filler to integrate fully into the lips.


You’ll probably find the process a little uncomfortable, but don’t worry – your doctor will apply a topical local anaesthetic, which will reduce the pain. The dermal filler also contains a built-in anaesthetic, so most people don’t find it hurts too badly.

Most people see some results immediately, but the final results won’t be visible for a few weeks after the product has settled and swelling has gone down completely.

Most people getting lip enhancement London procedures find that their results last between 9 to 18 months on average. However, everyone is different, and it could be a little bit longer or a little bit less time.

Most people experience a small amount of swelling or bruising, but these problems are temporary and subside quickly. However, it’s always important that you only trust the services of an experienced professional.


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