The application of dermal filler in the cheeks and mid-face region serves a multifaceted purpose in enhancing facial structure and supporting other critical areas of the face. As we age, our faces undergo changes, and the loss of volume in the cheeks, which typically begins in our late twenties, can have significant ripple effects on our overall facial appearance.

Cheek and mid-face filler treatments offer a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond mere aesthetics. Concerns about these treatments appearing unnatural often dissipate when executed with skill, resulting in a seamless integration with your facial features. To understand their importance, it’s crucial to recognise the natural ageing process our faces undergo.


As time passes, we gradually lose fat from our faces, with one of the initial casualties being the malar fat pad within our cheeks. This fat provides essential volume to the cheeks, effectively lifting them. Concurrently, our collagen, responsible for supporting the cheek structure, begins to dwindle, leading to a downward shift in facial elements, as the diminished framework can no longer sustain the cheeks. This descent of the cheeks can, in turn, instigate a cascade of related concerns, including a sense of heaviness in the lower face, the emergence of tear troughs and the development of smile lines.


Cheek and mid-face filler treatments play a pivotal role in rebuilding the framework and structure of the face. By restoring volume and support, these treatments effectively counteract the effects of ageing, offering robust support that imparts a more youthful and revitalised appearance to the overall face.

Woman with cheek filler, jawline filler and chin filler

Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients need only one session, but small top-ups are possible if you are not satisfied with the results. I usually use 1-2 ml cheek filler treatments, but in rare cases, a top-up is needed.

This aesthetic treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, including a personalised consultation.

Most people notice minor bruising and swelling for a few days. However, within 2 weeks you’ll see the final results of the treatment.

Most fillers last between 8-12 months.

While there are many different filler options on the market, I use fillers made of natural and effective hyaluronic acid gel. Not only do they provide structure and fullness, but they help your skin generate more collagen over time.

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