Tear Trough Fillers for Bags Under Eyes

As we age, subtle facial changes start to alter our appearance. These small changes add up, from a hollowing in the cheeks to a loss of volume under eyes. Before you know it, you don’t recognise yourself in the mirror.


Bags, dark circles, and hollows under your eyes can really age you, making you look tired and old beyond your years. Thankfully, there are solutions available that can help you look younger, fresher, and more well-rested. For example, filler for eye bags can gently smooth out the hollows and bags, giving you back your youthful eye contour.


At my London aesthetic clinic, I offer safe and effective tear trough fillers. There’s minimal downtime – in fact, many of my patients head straight back to the office. Read ahead to learn more about this popular treatment.

What is loss of volume under eyes, and why does it happen

As we age, our bodies stop producing so much collagen and elastin, the proteins that give your skin a smooth and firm appearance. Over time, it starts to sag or ‘hollow out,’ especially in places where the skin is thin and delicate.


That’s why the loss of volume under eyes, on the neck, and backs of the hands is so noticeable. Sunken eyes are made worse by dehydration and lack of sleep, which is why you probably notice them even more when you’re tired or run down.

What is filler for eye bags?

When you lose volume under your eyes or start to see heavy bags and saggy wrinkles, it’s time to consider aesthetic solutions. Aesthetic practitioners can inject dermal fillers, usually made from a hyaluronic gel, which boosts collagen production.

Therefore, the results are twofold – you get the volume from the fillers, and the increased collagen production replaces the lost volume over time.

When my patients come to me for fillers for under eye bags, I start by injecting a small amount of topical anaesthetic. Next, I skilfully inject the filler using my artistic eye to ensure the results are subtle yet noticeable.

The results are instant. However, over the next few weeks, they get even better. The patient will notice that their under eye area is softer, more hydrated, and more refreshed.

What is the Tyndall Effect (tear trough filler)?

The Tyndall Effect (tear trough filler) is a rare side effect of under eye fillers, causing a patient’s skin to take on a blue tone after they get fillers. Because the skin under the eyes is so thin and delicate, it is most common with under eye fillers.

It occurs when a practitioner doesn’t inject the filler correctly. This happens when they inject the filler too close to the surface, use too much, or use the wrong type of filler. If a patient experiences the Tyndall Effect, the fillers need to be dissolved with special injections.

That’s why it’s so important to only go to an aesthetics provider you can trust, such as a doctor or nurse. They know the best techniques and can prevent side effects like the Tyndall Effect from occurring.