How to Tighten Skin Under Eyes?

It’s natural to want to look well-rested and fresh. However, for some of us, no matter how much sleep we get, we have saggy skin under eyes.

Saggy skin under eyes has many causes, which we detail below. Thankfully, it’s possible to address this problem with both skincare and aesthetics treatments. This article is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to tighten under eye skin.

What causes loose skin under eyes?

The skin around your eyes tends to be thinner than the rest of the skin on your face and body, as it has less fat. It also doesn’t have as much collagen or oil glands. Therefore, it tends to look drier and saggier than most other skin.

However, there are other reasons why you might experience loose eye skin.

  • Genetics – Thin eye skin can be hereditary.
  • Ageing – As we get older, we lose the little collagen and fat we once had around our eyes.
  • Sleep deprivation – When you don’t get enough sleep, you will likely see more fine lines and noticeable bags under your eyes.
  • Sun damage – Nothing can damage your skin more than sun damage! UV exposure can make your eye bags more noticeable.
  • Inflammation – Allergic reactions and infections can cause inflammation around your eyes.
  • Smoking – The toxins in cigarette smoke can prematurely age your skin and reduce its elasticity.
  • Tinea versicolor – Tinea versicolor, a fungal infection, can thin the skin in rare cases.

How to tighten under eye skin

  • Get more rest – The first suggestion is always the most obvious – if you want to tighten skin under eyes, you should ensure you get enough rest. Now, of course, this isn’t always possible! New parents, shift workers, and people with medical issues can struggle to get quality sleep. However, if you can improve your sleep hygiene, you might be an improvement in your eyebags.
  • Skincare – Certain skincare products, such as eye creams containing topical tightening ingredients, can help tighten skin under eyes. Adding more hydration can help make your skin more supple, which firms it up. Book a skincare consultation to find out which products will work best for your needs.
  • Dermal filler – Dermal fillers, like cheek filler, lip fillers, and under-eye fillers, are injectable treatments. They contain hyaluronic acid, which can fill in wrinkles and saggy bags and tighten skin under eyes. When my patients ask me how to tighten skin around eyes, I tell them that fillers provide a long-lasting solution.

Do you want to learn more about the best ways to tighten skin around eyes? Get in touch today to book a complimentary consultation.