How to Fix an Asymmetrical Face?

We all want to look in the mirror and love our reflection. But what happens when you have an asymmetrical face and some of your features appear ‘lopsided?’ If you have some unbalanced features, you’ve undoubtedly Googled ‘how to fix asymmetrical face’. You may have seen invasive surgeries and thought they were your only choice.


Thankfully, plenty of facial aesthetic treatments can help, many of which I offer at my aesthetic clinic London. In addition, with the latest advancements in the industry, your attractive asymmetrical face can be adjusted and balanced to become even more attractive!

How to Fix Asymmetrical Face – What is it?

If you’ve noticed asymmetry in your face, you might want to address it with cosmetic procedures.

But first, what is facial asymmetry?


Some common types of facial asymmetry include:

  • One eyebrow higher than the other
  • One side of face bigger than other or fuller than the other
  • One eye wider than the other
  • One side of the face saggier than the other
  • A weak chin or lopsided profile


In the past, the only option was looking up ‘how to make your face symmetrical’ exercises or undergoing invasive surgeries. Today, there are many more nuanced options that can help you get the balanced and attractive face you desire.


If the asymmetry is a recent occurrence or you notice dramatic and sudden drooping on one side of your face, you may be experiencing a stroke. Get urgent medical attention.

How to Fix Asymmetrical Face with Facial Sculpting

Did you know there is an artistic and scientific calculation to measure facial symmetry? It’s called the Golden Ratio, and it helps guide my treatment plan.


By conducting a personalised skincare consultation and applying a light artistic touch, I can transform your already attractive asymmetrical face into a true work of art. All without the need to ‘go under the knife!’


Based on your unique features and always striving towards the Golden Ratio, I can rejuvenate and transform your face within a matter of minutes.


Some of the treatments I may recommend for facial asymmetry include:


  • Cheek fillers – Add volume when one cheek is fuller than the other
  • Chin sculpting – Using fillers to add structure to your chin and improve your profile
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) – Using fillers to make the nose look straighter or smaller
  • Botox brow injections – Using fillers and/or Botox to lift saggy lids and make eyes look wider and brighter
  • Botox injections – Can help to raise or correct one eye wider than the other or one side of the mouth drooping


It’s time to stop searching for ‘how to make your face symmetrical’ exercises and start looking for solutions that work. You no longer have to put up with your facial asymmetry – it’s time to look and feel your best. Get in touch today, and let’s schedule your personal consultation.