Can a Non-Surgical Nose Job Lift Your Nose?

A non surgical nose job is also called a dermal filler nose job, a liquid nose job, or non-surgical rhinoplasty. This cosmetic procedure changes the shape of your nose without the need for invasive surgery. In fact, there is so little downtime that you can go right back to work. It’s also much more affordable than a surgical nose job.


During the procedure, your doctor uses a fine needle to inject dermal filler. Since it is a delicate area, it’s important that you go to a qualified medical professional. Therefore, never trust someone who doesn’t have the experience or qualifications to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Can Nose Fillers Give You a Straight Nose?

If you spend time worrying about the shape of your nose, you already know it can affect your self-esteem. While a liquid nose job can’t completely change the shape of your nose or make it smaller, it can correct many other problems.


  • A crooked nose (often called a deviated nasal spine)
  • Drooping at the tip of the nose
  • A bump on the nose bridge (dorsal hump)
  • Flattened or misshapen bridge of the nose
  • Lumpiness or lopsided appearance
  • Mistakes and unevenness from previous nose job surgeries


It’s particularly well suited for anyone with a drooping nasal tip or a bump on the bridge of their nose. This is called a dorsal hump, and fillers can straighten and smooth its appearance. If you’re wondering how to make your nose smaller, this procedure can help make your face look more streamlined and elegant.

How Does a Liquid Nose Job Work?

During your liquid nose job, the practitioner injects filler made from hyaluronic acid (HA) into different points around your nose. Your body naturally produces HA, and it also encourages hydration and collagen production in your skin’s layers.

For example, if you want to correct a dorsal hump, the doctor will inject the HA filler just above the bump, thereby smoothing it out. If you want to lift a drooping tip, they will inject the HA filler around your nostrils to lift the entire nose.

My patients often wonder if nose fillers hurt. I sometimes use a topical anaesthetic cream before the procedure, so it is virtually painless. It takes around 30 minutes, and most people see their desired results for around a year.