How To Transform Your Nose Without Surgery

Nose filler, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that uses injectable fillers to alter the shape and size of the nose. This procedure has gained popularity in recent years as a less invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty surgery, which requires anaesthesia and incisions.   During a nose filler treatment, a medical professional […]

Jawline Filler: How to get a sculpted side profile

Jawline filler is a popular cosmetic treatment that involves injecting filler material into the jawline to give it a more defined and contoured appearance. Many people are turning to this treatment to enhance their facial features and improve their overall appearance.   The jawline is an important facial feature that plays a key role in […]

Perfect Side Profile: How to Improve Side Profile?

When we look in the mirror, we only see the front angle of our faces. However, seeing yourself on video or in photos can come as quite a shock if you have a ‘bad side profile.” Perhaps you have a humped nose, a sloping chin, or a weak jawline. If you don’t like how your […]

Botox & Pregnancy: How does Botox Affect Pregnancy?

Botox is one of the most popular aesthetics treatments around the world. This non-invasive treatment can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help you look rested and more youthful. It can also be used as an excessive sweating treatment or to ease migraines. However, Botox in pregnancy is not recommended. As an aesthetics doctor, my […]

How to Tighten Skin Under Eyes?

It’s natural to want to look well-rested and fresh. However, for some of us, no matter how much sleep we get, we have saggy skin under eyes. Saggy skin under eyes has many causes, which we detail below. Thankfully, it’s possible to address this problem with both skincare and aesthetics treatments. This article is for […]

How to Get Rid of Frown Lines?

It’s very natural to furrow your eyebrows – we do it when we are frowning, concentrating, and thinking. However, over time, furrowing your brows can leave deep lines between your eyebrows and your nose. These deep wrinkles are called frown lines, and they can make you look older than your age. Thankfully, there are many […]

Botox Pros and Cons: What You Need to Know Before Getting Botox

First, it’s helpful to understand Botox and how it works after being injected. Simply put, Botox is a medically purified form of Botulinum Toxin. Scientists realised that targeted injections of this toxin could block a nerve’s chemical signals. This prevented them from contracting, and therefore, the muscles surrounding the nerve relaxes. While many people think […]

How Long Do Fillers Last in Your Face?

Dermal fillers are the gold standard for creating smoother, more youthful skin with a rejuvenated appearance. Cosmetic fillers for face and body fill in saggy hollows and give your skin a refreshed fullness, helping you love what you see in the mirror. Have you been searching for “face fillers before and after” photos? If so, […]

How to Fix an Asymmetrical Face?

We all want to look in the mirror and love our reflection. But what happens when you have an asymmetrical face and some of your features appear ‘lopsided?’ If you have some unbalanced features, you’ve undoubtedly Googled ‘how to fix asymmetrical face’. You may have seen invasive surgeries and thought they were your only choice. […]

Tear Trough Fillers for Bags Under Eyes

As we age, subtle facial changes start to alter our appearance. These small changes add up, from a hollowing in the cheeks to a loss of volume under eyes. Before you know it, you don’t recognise yourself in the mirror.   Bags, dark circles, and hollows under your eyes can really age you, making you […]